Monday, October 17, 2016

NIUE language week flag raising ceremony 2016 - 17 October

Niue Language Week
Flag raising ceremony
Monday 17th October 2016

So proud of these students who represented the little ROCK Niue today at the flag raising ceremony
Sharing Facts about Niue
  • Niue Island Facts
  1. Keilyhn Tutai - Niue has no crime, no traffic lights, no queues and no crowds! It does however have one of the highest standards of living per capita of the Pacific Islands.
  2. Bo'Darrel Te Iri Haturini - Niue is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with whales in crystal clear water.
  3. Evangeline Monga - Catching Sailfish, Mahimahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Pacific Barracuda, just to name a few, all from 100 metres off shore is usually unheard of-but that’s normal in Niue.
  4. Ellaye King-Lee - Niue has free connection with New Zealand. It has been in free association since the Constitution Act in October 1974.
  5. Solomon Isitolo - Niue is a large coral island ten miles by seven miles (16 kilometres by 11 kilometres). Some 350 miles (600 kilometres) southeast of Samoa.
  6. Ivory Leiataua - Niue was formed by volcanic eruption; the island sits on top of 30-meter cliffs rising straight out of the deep ocean. That is why it is sometimes called “the Rock.”
  7. Ngaau Hurrell - More Niueans live in New Zealand than in Niue.
  8. Calais Ikitule - Niue Island has a Haka to match the All Blacks. It goes: 'We are cannibals, we are cannibals, we will catch you, we will tear you apart and then eat you'."
  9. Saimone Lolohea - Niue Island has thirteen villages
  10. Josiah Leiataua - When Captain Cook tried to land on Niue he was surprised by locals who looked liked savages.So he called Niue, Savage Island
  11. VJ Toutai - Alofi is the capital of Niue. It is the smallest national capital in the world by population
  12. Jodeci Leiataua- The national day of Niue is celebrated on October 19 every year. It is called Niue Constitution day. On this day in 1974, the island was granted independence in the form of self-government by New Zealand.

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