Monday, June 27, 2016

WHAT DID WE GET UP TO IN WEEK 8? What an eventful week!

Clendon Park School Fiafia Night
Some of our Ninjas in the Pasifika group proudly represented our school with an amazing Samoan item at the Clendon Park School Fiafia night. Thank you Miss Manuele for organising this great opportunity for us to showcase our talents and share with our community.

We continued to work together to learn about fractions
We also completed a revision task to see how much we have learned about fractions

We used the MATHLETICS programme on our devices to reinforce our learning.
We have to apply our knowledge of fractions taught in class to solve given equations/problems in Mathletics.

BUDDY CLASS - Tumeke Taniwhas
We met to practice our assembly items and we also enjoyed our milk together.
Our skilled dancers were leading at the front so our younger buddies can learn the actions by imitating them.

Yummy MILK

Four of our Ninjas were so lucky to receive their sponsored glasses at our Glasses graduation.
We are so privileged to receive such amazing gifts that will help our students to learn better.
Our special guests at assemblywere: 
Ms Kumuda Setty from the Essilor Foundation
Ms Louisa Wall - our Manurewa Labour MP
Ms Heather Laird and team from Frith and Laird Optometrists
Alison Kearney from Massey University
John and Michael from Media works

We also had Newshub, Te Karere, and Maori TV

Whaea Lois did a wonderful job leading our assembly and we also acknowledge the hard work she has put into liaising with these agencies in order for us to receive our glasses. 
Thank you Whaea Lois!

Thank You again to Feed the Need programme for the nice warm lunches this week


What a great way to round off the week with a friendly game of BASKETBALL of boys versus girls.
We still need to refine our dribbling, passing and shooting skills so we can be just as good as Stephen Curry. 
He is Ninja Tysons' favourite player.

 T on a break with the ball
 Hard earned quarter, time to regroup
 J trying his best to keep the ball
 Mad rush to a loose ball
 Great pass from I to J
 J attempting a shot at goal
 M makes a steal from the boys
 J looses the ball from too much pressure applied by the girls
 J showing us her jumping skills
 J trying evade his defenders

 A trying to get his team the ball
 A trying desperately to keep possession of the ball
 Great defence from A
 Great shot but way too much power it cleared the backboard H

Thank you for visiting our Blog, please join us again next week.
See you then

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  1. Looks like your BBall game was heaps of fun Techno Ninjas ... Good blog