Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our WEEK 9 Mahi

Techno Ninjas Week 9 Mahi

Matariki paper stars
This week we thoroughly enjoyed making craft with Mr. Anan
He taught us how to weave Matariki stars using coloured paper

The Busy Bees had their Bake sale this week and we had some lovely treats with a nice cup of hot chocolate.
Thank you Busy Bees

ooooooohhhhhhh YUMMY chocolate cake

mmmmmmmmmmm MUFFIN


 Hot Chocolate proving to be very popular

 Yummy Muffin and a Hot Chocolate


Mathletics and Reading Eggs have continued to be useful tools that we use daily to support our learning.

 "Working together makes it easier for us to learn because we can support each other"


We continued to learn to use better words in our writing to make it much more interesting to read.

Here's one of our writing sample
One cloudy day we were inside watching TV. We heard the clouds roaring at us from above as the rain smashed onto buildings and houses.

I went to grab something to eat when I heard an elephant communicating with another elephant. When I got back from eating there was a power cut. It was so dark that we had to navigate using our sense of feeling. by Michael

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  1. I really like your Blog Techno Ninjas ... Especially about the use of devices for reading eggs and mathletics ...