Sunday, May 22, 2016


Whaea A helped us learn how to 
introduce ourselves in Maori.
We learned how to pronounce the Maori words correctly
We also had the opportunity to ask our parents and whanau to give us a hand with our Mihimihi
During the week we all had a turn in sharing our mihimihi in front of the class


If we were too shy to share, Whaea A and our confident friends helped us read it


  1. I love how you also needed to seek help from home - Home Learning at its greatest - and then getting other students to support them in class ... Way to go Whaea A and Techno Ninjas!

  2. Tu Meke Techno Ninja's! The pronunciation of the Maori words are awesome and you all are learning very fast! Thank you so much for sharing your Mihimihi with Whaea A, I am learning a lot about you personally through doing this type of work. Keep it up, and remember don't be shy to recite it to your parents, cousins, friends etc.