Monday, May 16, 2016

Whaea A & Health Expo

Whaea A

Our Ninjas' are so lucky to have Whaea A join us for 4 weeks
She has been assisting with teaching our students in RUBIES with Math, Reading and all other general learning areas


Some of our Ninjas with their parents attended the Health Expo which was held at our school hall.
At the expo they learned how to make a healthy meal at a very reasonable cost. They also got to sample the meal and take home a recipe book.
Then they learned about how much sugar they get from a variety of drinks, and received information about diabetes
They also learned the importance of dental hygiene and received free toothbrushes.
It was an awesome afternoon full of information

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  1. You are very lucky ninjas to have a great student teacher ... Whaea A is very talented and helpful for your learning!