Sunday, May 22, 2016

Science - SOIL

Our SCIENCE week involved the study of SOIL
We focused on the importance of WORMS to our SOIL

What did we find?
The largest earthworm ever found was 6.7 meters

Some earthworms found in NZ can glow in the dark
Earthworms can eat 50-100% of their body mass per day
Earthworms breath through their skin

Why are worms important to our soil?

They help drain and aerate the soil
they help recycle nutrients back into the soil which helps plants grow

Our Learning Journey

 Some of us love worms and some of us don't

We found heaps of worms out for a stroll just outside our classroom

 Some of us were so intrigued with how they move
 We came across Room 25 and 26 hard at work, digging

so we shared our learning with some of our junior students
then with a buddy we created an information poster showing our learning


  1. What a fantastic learning experience ... Inquiry Learning at its greatest ... Well done Techno Ninjas on another informative Blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing your learning with Whaea A Techno Ninja's and Mr Ikitule! Whaea A does not like Worms and you are so brave to hold them! Ka pai to mahi tamaiti.

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