Wednesday, March 16, 2016


What a busy week this has been

Orange Friday! 
11 March 2016
 A special day where students and staff wear orange to help raise awareness and much needed funds to assist victims of domestic abuse

to all who supported this event

Our Winning Ninjas
This week our School Value winner for RESPECT
goes to Ninja Tovo
for consistently showing respect towards teachers and peers

Our DUFFY Ninja this week goes to 
Ninja Suzanne 
for her enthusiasm in all classroom activities

This week we focused on learning how to kick correctly when gliding on our front and back with the aid of flutter boards
Students must continue to practice the skills taught if they have the opportunity

ESSILOR Vision Foundation visit
We are so lucky to have this foundation come and test the vision of all our High flyers. 
They will also be sponsoring glasses for students who need them

Faith having her consultation  & Ellen-Paige getting her eyes examined

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 5

Rhythm Interactive - visited our school
A great day learning to drum on the Djembe (South African Drum)
The students had so much fun


This week our Ninjas focused on BALANCING activities for Fitness
Counter balancing using each others body weight

Their faces tell you how much fun was had

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 4

Week Four 
We are so lucky here at Rowandale School to have our own pool that we can use to teach our students the skills they can use to be safe and enjoy themselves around water. 
Our Ninjas will be swimming every even week of the school term
Please encourage your child to take advantage of this great opportunity
Skills Ninja's are learning
                                        - safety around water
                                        - gliding on front
                                        - kicking correctly
                                        - correct arm stroke and rotation
                                        - correct breathing technique
                                        - correct head placement

Ninjas Swimming Days Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Please don't forget your togs

The Wolf Pack (Rm12) and Legendary Leopards (Rm14) hosted our assembly this week. They have certainly set the bar very high for everyone to follow. Well Done!

our Winning Ninjas
Congratulations to our winning Ninjas this week

Participation Winner - Daynnan Tukerangi - for trying his very best in all areas of learning
DUFFY Ninja Winner
Jadyn Moke - for his outstanding attitude towards learning

A massive Congratulations to our other two Ninja's Ayva who was awarded our Head Girl and Tyson who is our Head Boy

Ninja Tovo also became our Deputy Head Boy 2016

Ninja's Faith T and Poasa became Peer Mediators, Congratulations!

Ninjas Going Noodle

Go noodle gets over 10 million kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves

This week our Ninjas explored the wonderful world of Go Noodle
A great website that we use to energise students for learning by giving them a brain break and also excellent for fitness inside on a wet day


Kia Ora
Kia Orana
Malo e lelei
Talofa Lava
Xin Chao
Fakaalofa Lahi Atu
Greetings representing the different cultures in our room
Lets see if you can identify each one
we've added colours to help you

We extend our apologies to all visitors to our page
but after overcoming technical difficulties we are now able to access our photos and share our learning thus far

Week One
One of the first challenge for our class was to establish a brand name that we will use to identify our room for 2016.
After strenuous discussions, brainstorms and research, our name was decided by vote
It came down to three finalists - Soaring Dragons, Soaring Albatrosses and Techno Ninjas
Soaring Dragons - Soaring is from our school motto. Dragons are mythical creatures who are very strong, powerful, and can also fly
Soaring Albatrosses - Soaring from the school motto. Albatross is a magnificent bird which is also native to NZ
Techno Ninjas - Techno comes from the word Technology as our students want to learn how to effectively use Technology tools. Ninjas - come through popularity from the Vodafone Ninjas and students wants to be technologically advanced.

With an overwhelming majority of votes 
'Techno Ninjas'
became our brand name with a long term goal of students becoming Technology Savvy

Students were also involved in selecting the pictures for our logo. 
So here's our final product

Three students also collaborated to create a chant for our class
Ayva, Sophie and Ofa


Woke up in the morning
Chilling with my Techno Ninjas
Pulled up at, Rowandale
Ready for some learning
Today we’re gonna rock (rock)
And you know we’re gonna soar
Techno Ninjas

We visited the PRIDE trail representing the Values of our school.
As a class we discussed the importance and meaning of each Value.
We will happily take you around the trail if you come to visit