Sunday, August 21, 2016

Geometry - Shapes, 2D shapes, Nets of shapes and 3D shapes

We learned how to identify shapes, there name and properties (sides, faces, corners (vertices) edges)

We learned how to draw 2D shapes

We learned how to draw 3D shapes 

We learned how to draw Nets of shapes 




before we got to make 3D models of shapes we've been learning about







Shared writing

Shared writing
Our Ninja's participated in shared writing. This was carried out in mixed ability groups.
- students first brainstorm and record ideas on their given writing topic
- one student will begin writing,  when the teacher says "pass it on", the first student passes the writing onto the next student.
- The student read what has been written then continue to add onto it until the next "pass it on" 
- When every member has had a turn to write they choose their best part to share with the class.

A very good way to share ideas, writing techniques and opportunity to help each others writing. 

Netball skills

Netball Skills Workshop
We continued to develop our Netball skills with Northern Netball tutors
We focused on our shooting skills this week
Everyone enjoyed themselves.
We will be applying our skills in a real game next week so we're really looking forward to it.

 Developing agility and footwork

Working on our balance and pivoting

 Practising our shooting technique

 Yay we get to use the hoop

  Setting up our for our shooting game. Spacing is very important.

 Setting up our for our shooting game

 Check your spacing

 Its on

Watch those passes