Thursday, September 29, 2016


Our High Flyers shared their term Inquiry learning
The speakers did a brilliant job sharing their inquiries which was accompanied by PowerPoint presentation.
Each speaker spoke very well and for some its their first time speaking in front of an audience.
The inquiries were based on the Olympic games and sports technology involving athletes wear in which help improve or enhance their performance.
The morning was full of learning, from the types of shoes athletes wear, the types of materials runners uniform are made from, the hats they ware, Olympian profiles and corporate sponsors.
The presentations were shared using the Rowandale inquiry process.


Here's our Google slide presentation we shared on the day

James Cook High School Sports Day 15th and 16th September 2016

The year 13 students of James Cook High School hosted 7 schools in our area to a two day fun filled sporting event.
The event allows the students the opportunity to put their learning to action in organising and hosting sporting fixtures between our local schools. The two day event also count towards their NCEA assessment.
The weather was doom and gloom but the spirit in which everyone competed brightened up the day.
It was some of our students very first time at participating in some of the sporting activities offered. It was definitely a great way for our students to experience these other sports in a fun filled environment.
The sports offered were Basketball, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, Netball, T-ball, and Soccer
We also had tremendous support from our parents on the day.
We are so looking forward to next year.
Here are some of the pics we managed to get in between our busy schedule